Randall Munson Presents
Great commercial

Here are samples of some wonderful commercial advertisements. I recommend that you watch them in order.

There are two factors that make these commercials remarkably effective.

  1. Humor
    Information causes people to think. Emotion causes people to act. Humorous commercials, such as these, create positive emotions resulting in an inclination to purchase the product.

  2. Product Differentiation
    One of the fundamental principals of marketing is to differentiate your product from the competition's. IBM has been very reluctant to differentiate the iSeries computer, the product in these commercials, from other computer platforms because IBM also makes and sells the competing computer platforms. In these commercials the basis of the humor is product differentiation. It pokes fun at the competition.

TV Commercials
Click on the icon below each commercial to play it with either Windows Media Player or Real Player.

Laughing Board Room: Covered


Laughing Board Room: Automatic


Laughing Board Room: The People


Radio Commercials

Thrilling Adventures in IT #1

Thrilling Adventures in IT #2

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