Photo Downloads
Randall Munson, CSP

You are welcome to download these photos for your meeting announcements, newsletters, programs, and web site.

Randall's Creative Promotional Photo

Randall's creative photo (a black & white image showing only half of his face) has been proven to be an effective promotional photo. You will find that this unconventional photo captures attention and piques the curiosity and interest of those who see it. 

Using this unique photo will help you generate interest in your event!


Be sure to include a link to Randall Munson's we site on your web site. Prospective attendees will discover more about the caliber of your internationally acclaimed speaker and be encouraged to attend your event!

This is the address to link to from your web site:


Contact Randall now for further details of his highly original programs, to request a promotional kit, or to book Randall Munson for your most important events.