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Business Magic!® is a monthly electronic magazine for those who want to experience the magic of creative insights, ideas and inspirations for themselves and their business - based on the popular keynote speeches, seminars and writing of Randall Munson, CSP.

Experience the magic Randall shares with leading companies around the world to increase sales, increase profits, and make their competition disappear!

Sample past editions of Business Magic!®

December 15, 2004, It Freezes Over

January 31, 2005, Creative Ideas from the Circus

April 1, 2005, Laugh at Work for Success

June 16, 2005, That's Remarkable

August 9, 2005, Try It

November 15, 2005, Present it Well

January 31, 2006, International Creativity Month

April 28, 2006, Top Ten Reasons to Laugh at Work

August 22, 2006, Rule Your Rules

December 21, 2006, Give Them What They Want

April 1, 2007, Celebrate Laugh at Work Week

September 25, 2007, Thank You

January 29, 2008, International Creativity Month

December 12, 2008, Do You Hear What I Hear

March 25, 2009, Do Not Waste This Crisis

April 1, 2009, Laugh At Work

April 1, 2009, Push the Accelerator

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