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Business Magic!® is a monthly electronic magazine for those who want to experience the magic of creative insights, ideas and inspirations for themselves and their business - based on the popular keynote speeches, seminars and writing of Randall Munson, CSP.

Experience the magic Randall shares with leading companies around the world to increase sales, increase profits, and make their competition disappear!

"When I see Randall Munson's Business Magic! pop-up in my inbox, I drop whatever I'm doing and read it immediately. It always brings a smile to my day!"
Kathie Heeter
Phoenix International Freight Services, Ltd., Wood Dale, IL

It's free and will give you a chance to see the innovative thinking of one of the "world's greatest business mentors."  

"I always take time to read Business Magic! It is inevitably very informative in an entertaining and enjoyable style. In these days of constant bombardment of one's inbox by a stream of so called 'items of interest', 'business opportunities', 'wonderful offers,' etc., Business Magic! is a rare exception. The one outstanding example of a genuinely informative and state-of-the-art electronic newsletter is Business Magic! from Creatively Speaking."
Pat Flannery
Immediate Past President, Common Europe

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4. If you later decide that you don’t want to get my electronic magazine, just let me know and I’ll stop sending it to you.

Randall Munson

"Thanks for the latest issue of Business Magic! How you knew to send it on my birthday I'll never know. But it made my day!"
Robert Rosen, CIO
National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, Department of Health and Human Services

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