Randall Munson
Tips for a Effective Introduction
Increase the value from your speaker

The introduction is important

Often the importance of the introduction is overlooked. A great introduction increases the value you will receive from the investment you made in your speaker. The introduction sets the tone for the presentation and establishes credibility of your speaker. Your audience will appreciate the speaker much more when he’s been introduced properly.

The introducer is important

The person who makes the introduction sets the stage for the program. Select this person carefully. They need to gain attention of your audience, focus their attention, and make them anxious to hear the speaker.

Select a good presenter

Your introducer should be selected because of their ability to deliver a great introduction. They shouldn’t be selected because they chaired a committee or because the person in their position usually introduces the speaker or because they happened to be in front of the room to make some other comments. If someone must kick off the program, but they aren’t the ideal person for the introduction of the speaker, have that person make their announcements and then introduce the person who will actually introduce the speaker.

Select someone who is comfortable in front of an audience – someone who has had speaking experience and is easy to understand.

Give them the introduction ahead of time

Make sure the person who has the responsibility of making the introduction has the written introduction long before the event. That way they will be comfortable with it and can practice reading the introduction aloud. Don’t give them the introduction and expect them to read it cold in front of the group. Their uncertainty while reading it unprepared would be felt by the audience. You want them to be comfortable, confident, and excited to introduce your speaker. 

Help them understand how to deliver a great introduction

Give them a copy of “How to Deliver a Great Introduction.” This will help the introducer do a great job for you.


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