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Technology Sales Expert Selected as Columnist for Technology Magazine

Randall Munson chosen to write monthly column in iSeries News magazine.

(Rochester, MINN) Randall Munson, President of Creatively Speaking of Rochester, MN, has been selected as a columnist by an international technology magazine. Penton Technology Media has hired Randall Munson to write a column, "Magic of Selling iSeries" in their monthly technology magazine, iSeries News.

Group Editorial Director, Dale Agger, commented to the readers, “We're excited to bring you Randall Munson, a world-renowned technology sales expert who has been named one of the world's greatest business mentors.”  Because the IBM iSeries computer system is often referred to as the industry’s “best kept secret,” the editors looked for an expert who understands the computer industry as well as the iSeries market. “We searched for someone to help our readers reveal the iSeries secret. Randall Munson understands the iSeries, having been an architect and developer of IBM midrange systems for 20 years in Rochester, Minnesota. In his column, Randall will help you understand how to sell the iSeries — and the software that runs on it,” notes Agger. “His ideas will help those recommending technology purchases in their companies and will help those defending the iSeries from detractors who might try to replace the system.” 

To: Wayne Madden and the iSeries NEWS editors, 

Thanks very much for bringing your readers the wonderful "Sell to the Gut" article by Randall Munson. 

The article is simply stunning and on target and is very appropriate for your magazine. 

Randall Munson writes extremely well, and the topic has universal appeal and significance to your readers.... The "Magic of Selling iSeries" articles and Randall Munson are a most welcome addition to your magazine. 

A loyal and long-time subscriber, 
Paul Harkins 


Click here now to read the article "Sell to the Gut" in Randall Munson's column, Magic of Selling iSeries.
“I am very excited about being a columnist for this major publication,” commented Munson. “It gives me an opportunity to apply my technology sales expertise to the computer systems I helped create."

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