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Distinguished Award Presented To Randall Munson

Top speaker recognized for impact to international organization

(Orlando, FL) COMMON, the world’s largest users group of IBM and IBM-compatible information technology honored Randall Munson at their semi-annual conference in Orlando, Florida. President, Robert Boyson, presented the Distinguished Service Award, COMMON’s highest award, to Randall Munson at the conference opening session.

When the IBM AS/400 computer was introduced at the 1988 COMMON conference in Toronto, Randall Munson was attending the international COMMON conference for the first time. He volunteered to speak at his very first conference and has continued ever since.

He has been recognized as the Best Speaker at numerous COMMON conferences in the US as well as in Europe and Australia. Inducted into the Speaker Excellence Hall of Fame in 1997, Munson has earned an amazing record of awards for speaking.

Speakers whose sessions are rated in the top 1% are awarded a Gold Medal; the next 2% receive a Silver Medal; and the next 4% receive a Bronze Medal. Since 1997, Randall Munson has delivered 91 medal-winning presentations including 53 of the 81 Gold Medal presentations awarded by COMMON.

Munson has earned 66% of all Gold Medals awarded for the 8,000+ presentations given at the conferences. That is more than all other speakers combined.

Munson developed presentations on more than a dozen different subjects—many of them at the specific request of COMMON to explain new technical concepts to its members. Randall has dedicated himself to delivering high quality presentations that are not only informative, but are also interesting and downright fun. He has proven that technology doesn’t have to be boring. To explain his points he uses everything from magic and ventriloquism to bowling balls, Leggos, rubber chickens, toilet paper and even barf bags.

Randall Munson has demonstrated commitment and service to COMMON by consistently delivering high quality presentations. Though he now travels the world as a technology sales expert and professional speaker, he continues to return to speak at the COMMON conferences. Randall’s commitment was further demonstrated when he delivered award winning presentations while afflicted with severe challenges such as double pneumonia and a broken leg.

Munson is a founding member of COMMON’s Speaker Excellence Committee, SPEX. He was the elected by SPEX as their first chairman and served as chairman for 6 years. He continues to volunteer to serve on SPEX, the committee dedicated to ensuring that COMMON continues to attract and retain the highest quality speakers.


Randall Munson is the founder and president of Creatively Speaking®. He is a technology sales expert and Certified Speaking Professional, a designation earned by less than 7% of professional speakers in the world. He helps increase sales for technology companies across 6 continents. For more information about Randall Munson, visit, or call 507.286.1331.

COMMON is the world’s largest users group of IBM and IBM-compatible Information Technology users. The organization comprises more than 4,000 individual and corporate members. They represent more than 22,000 IT professionals involved with IBM iSeries and related solutions. For more information about COMMON, visit, or call 800-777-6734.