Quotations from
Randall's audiences:

"Simply Brilliant!"
Alfred Vassallo,
Jos Vincenti & Co., Malta

"There are only a few speakers in the world that can create this kind of excitement. Wonderful!"
Phila Anne Tan
TTG Asia Media,
Manager Exhibitions / Events,
Bangkok, Thailand


Cynthia Jensen, University of Auckland
New Zealand

"Valuable the way Randall reveals the creativity in everyone!"
Johanes Channsa, United Nations/

"Energetic, inspiring, enthusiastic, excellent!"
Kandy Fazio, Tree of Life, St. Augustine, Florida, USA

I now know how to create the business breakthrough company I want."

Stephanie Shu, Marriott International, China

"Randall gave me a fresh idea of thinking and I had fun doing it!"
Byurg-Chul Hwasf, Pizza Hut

"Great, uplifting, and positive.
We laughed!"

Steve Miller
Business Solutions, Fargo, ND, USA


     1. Delighted Clients
     2. Award Winning Programs
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1. Delighted Clients
List of clients from six continents

2. Award Winning Programs


How to Boost Your Creativity, Increase Your Innovation and Enhance Your Success.

Experience the magic of renewed creativity.

The Serious Business of HUMOR!

Discover The Value of Humor -- How to Integrate Humor Into Your Work and Your Life.

Experience the magic of laughter.

The Magic of Selling!

How to Make Your Competition Disappear!

Experience the magic of increased sales.

DIVERSITY - Everyone Smiles in the Same Language!

A Fresh, Uplifting Perspective on Diversity!

Experience the magic of treating people the way they want to be treated.

Your Webinar SUCKS!

Make Your Web-based Seminars Remarkable and Engaging.

Experience the magic of successful web seminars.

How to Deliver a GREAT Presentation!

Make Your Presentations Clear and Compelling.

Experience the magic of powerful presentations.

Overcoming Your FEAR of Speaking!

How to speak with conficence.

Experience the magic of overcoming your fears.

Funny Business!

How to use humor to improve your business.

Experience the magic of humor in the workplace.

Turn CHANGE Into Dollars!

How to Deal with Change Effectively and Profitably.

Experience the magic of mastering change.

3. Best Selling Author

Create the Business Breakthrough You Want

Secrets and Strategies from the World's Greatest Mentors

The Sales Coach II

Selling Tips FROM the Pros, FOR the Pros!

Creativity 101

Insights, Quotes, and Reflections to Inspire You to Rediscover Your Creativity

Creativity 102

Powerful Insights
in Digestible Bites

Humor 101

Insights, Quotes, and Reflections to Inspire You to Laugh and Triumph

Break-out Creativity

Bringing Creativity to the Workplace

4. Recommendation letters
Click to see the entire letter.

"most versatile, refreshing, and reliable speaker I have ever booked."

Tom McCulloch
VP - Marketing & Conference Services
Metro Connections

"He is brilliant.
An ideal speaker for any European or American audience"

Renata Crome
Global Head
United Kingdom

"There are only a few speakers in the world that can create this kind of excitement."

Phila Anne Tan
TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd
Manager Exhibitions / Events

"You were brilliant, once again!"

Vanessa Grose

"He did a great job
and delivered
exactly what we wanted.
I highly recommend
Randall Munson"

Kevin Seisler
Mayo Clinc, College of Medicine

"No matter what country you are in, if you are looking for a
top international speaker
that will ensure
your conference is a success,
hire Randall Munson."

Torbjörn Appehl
President, Data3
Stockholm, Sweden

"I personally recommend him to other CEOs.
An international sales expert that will motivate and significantly increase your sales."

Zvi Alon
Charman, President and CEO
NetManage, Inc.

"It was wonderful!
Randall Munson was
the perfect choice."

Diane Cole
Badgerland Financial

"So outstanding we already hired him for next year.
Connects with every person from every country."

David Chalmers
Business Development Director
Macro 4

"Two conferences in a row!
Captivatd, titillated, energized, educated and entertained."

Stephen Rosen
Vice Presidnet, Marketing

"A grand slam winner!
Filled every second with contagious energy;
solid ideas to improve business"

Don Streiff
National Manager
Bridgestone Firestone

"Clearly the right choice.
Powerful keynote speaker to launch your conference to success"

Roger Kirk
President & CEO
Computer Guidance Corporation

"Highlight of national conference
1,200 particpants totally absorbed;
brilliant ideas;
a world-class speaker."

Rachel Ramirez
Performance Excellence Partners
US Department of Labor

"Exceptional speaker.
We've hired Randall 4 times.
We're going to hire him again!"

Mark Beveridge
Conference Chairman
Government IP Assn. of WI

as demonstrated by the unprompted, spontaneous
standing ovation."

Vicki Bishop
Program Coordinator
Employment Security Department
Washington State

"The most resoundingly successful event we have ever had thanks to Randall Munson."

Rob Cavanna
Executive Director and CEO
Resurce Training & Solutions

Randall Munson
selected as one of the
"World's Greatest Business Mentors."

Press Release

"The ideal speaker
for healthcare organizations.
I hightly recommend hiring Randall"

Carole Bleck
Physician Services
Affinity Medical Group

"No matter the country, no matter the language, Randall Munson communicates the truth of his brilliant insights."

Dr. Ramon Ferreiro
International Congress of Talent

"When you want the very best keynote speaker for your event,
get Randall Munson."

Faith O'Tool
Education Coordinator

"We've never experienced a speaker with your international expertise and powerful delivery."

Andy Hafer
Tampa Bay Technology Forum

"You made our event a success."

Anne Ferguson

"Rare to have a speaker anywhere who so dramatically and so immediately improves what he's set out to talk about."

Marybeth Robb
American Chamber of Commerce

"You were the
key to the success
of our National Conference."

Lori Campbell
Conference Coordinator
Udenberg & Associates, Inc.

"His message resonated with every attendee."

Sandra Barr
Director, US Conferences
EDGE User Group

"A brilliant speaker
that will impress, inform,
stimulate and motivate
the most demanding audiences."

Frank Marcus
General Sales Manager
E. & J. Gallo

"If you feature Randall Munson
at your event,
you will count it among the
best decisions you ever made."

Bea Watkins
Information Architect
Degussa-Hules Corporation

"You brilliantly inspired us how to express the genius of
creativity and innovation."

Jose Rodriguez
Sonora University

"Your ideas improve teamwork, productivity, and customer service."

Baron Stewart
Professional Development Manager
IBM Global Service

"Using your strategies,
RCTC has experienced
double-digit enrollment increases,
new program development, and
improved satisfaction survey results."

Don Supalla
Rochester College

"Energetic, world-class speaker
that hits a home run
every time."

Beverly R. Russell

"Energetic, enlightening
and enthusiastic expert."

Robert Rosen

"An exceptional speaker who has inspired and guided businesses all over the world, 
we highly recommend 
Randall Munson.

Larry Williams
GUIDE International

"Outstanding presentation at
Walt Disney World"

Lorraine J. Rieff
National Association of Independent Insurers

"I highly recommend
Randall Munson,
a true world-class speaker.

Susan Smith
Executive Director
The EDGE User Group

"If you want a
successful conference,
get Randall Munson."

Jeff Neubauer
Taylor Corporation

"He changed the way we think."

Michael Heneghan
Vice President

"An innovative thinker with a wealth of knowledge and expertise."

Becky Fix
Sales and Marketing Executives of Fargo-Moorhead

"Each presentation showed us the right tool of CREATIVITY"

Robert M. Taranto
Manager, Distributed Systems
IBM North America

"You were exactly
what we were looking for."

Floyd Wilson
Vice President
Corporate Development &
Strategic Planning
MDU Resources

"Extremely effective speaker!"

Sherre Sattler
CPE Director
ND Society of CPA's

"Rave reviews for creativity,
useful information,
quality of presentation,
horizon expanding point of view
and a plain old good time."

Stephen Rosen
VP, Marketing

"Randall Munson has the ability to impact your organization,
bring heightened creativity
to every aspect of your life."

Char Franklin
US Department of Energy

"The master of creativity...
his audience participation
has everyone
on the edge of their seats."

Ruth Picker
Crossroads College

"Exceptional educational and entertaining session."

Carmine DiLorenzo
Account Manager

"Your presentations were brilliant."

Gunnar Íhrn
Data 3

"He makes you think about things from a different perspective ...
laughing all the way."

Darlyne Erickson
Education/Conference Coordinator
Midwest Society of Association Executives

"energetic and entertaining."

Jerry M. Bauer
Bauer Built, Inc.

"We are now getting sales
we used to miss."

Bryant Andrews

"If you are looking for a sales expert that can help you actually increase your sales, Randall Munson is the person you want."

Sam Webster
Senior Director, Sales Americas

"His creative presentation was the highlight of our conference."

Judy Neathery
Meetings Supervisor
Texas Society of CPAs

"We take pride in selecting top national speakers and you are one of our best choices."

Tom Floyd
Senior VP of Marketing
IBM Credit Union

5. See and Hear Randall Now
Watch Randall recorded live on video.

6. Investment Schedule
Invest in the services that are of most value to you

Contact Randall now for further details of his highly original programs, to request a printed promotional kit, or to book Randall Munson for your most important events.


"Creating desire, combined with a powerful presentation, can make your product irresistible in the eyes of your prospect.
This is the magic that will make your competition disappear."
Randall Munson

Quotations from

Co-authored by 
Randall Munson,
Brian Tracy,
Mark Victor Hansen,
et. al.

"Remember that when you're clear on what you want and put your heart and life toward that endeavor, you discover opportunities you never thought possible that lead you to your goal."
Brian Tracy

"This is the only life you have; plan it wisely."
Mark Victor Hansen

Quotations from
Randall's clients:

"You changed my outlook on life!"
Ewa Maria Zdrojewska, Kancelaria Prawna, Poland

"Please have Randall back.
He was inspirational
and revolutionary!"

Catlin Comsia,
Seattle, USA

It will make me a creative person for a better business."

Chany Jaettyuck, Oracle,

It was perfect!"

Rajita Ranerjee, Johnson Diversity, Inc., USA