Randall Munson Presents
Turn Change Into Dollars!
How to Deal with Change Effectively and Profitably

Today's workers can expect to make major career changes at least 8 times. New technologies are mushrooming, corporate cultures are being transformed, and economic forces are shifting. Whether we tend to accept or resist change, there is nothing we can do to stop its relentless, accelerating pace.

Former corporate executive, best selling author, educator, and entertainer Randall Munson shifts his listeners' perspective on change, through a skillful blend of compassion, humor, and logic. Using magical effects to illustrate his concepts, he opens people's minds to the power and profitability inherent in making changes. Participants will take away a new sense of empowerment, along with practical techniques for thriving on change.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize the impact that accelerating changes have on you

  • Develop insight into why you resist change, welcoming it instead

  • Regain perspective and personal control when buffeted by changes

  • Implement specific strategies for maximizing the benefits of change

  • Thrive on change, by discovering its positive potential

"Brilliant! Just what is needed in our industry. Absolutely fabulous!"
      Conference participant, Melbourne, Australia

"The success of our sales meeting depended on an exceptional presentation and Randall Munson delivered an exceptional presentation. Randall set exactly the right tone for our entire conference. I highly recommend Randall Munson, a unique speaker who will educate, activate, and delight your audience."
      Jeffrey F. Moore, Director of Sales, Fike Corp., Blue Springs MO, USA

"Randall was THE BEST speaker of all during this conference!"
      Frank Johansen, IBM, Oslo, Norway

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