Randall Munson, The Creativity Speaker, Presents
Success Through Innovation
and Creativity!

How to Boost Your Creativity, Increase Your Innovation and Enhance Your Success

Leaders around the globe recognize that the ability to innovate is their most important capability for success and growth.

Research shows that 90% of children under the age of 5 are "highly creative" -- in staggering contrast to a mere 2% of adults. Unleashing that lost, pent-up creativity is vital to the success of individuals and corporations in an era of increasing competition and accelerating change.

Corporate executive, best selling author, educator, and entertainer Randall Munson delivers a powerhouse presentation that blasts through blocks, overturns conventional approaches, and sweeps away the cobwebs. He utilizes the tools of humor, games, and logic, paired with magical effects that illustrate the ideas and lock them into the listener's mind. Participants will gain a fresh approach to problem-solving and a renewed confidence in their own creative capabilities.

Learn how to:

  • Double your creativity immediately

  • Unbottle your innovation by eliminating the "5 Deadly Statements"

  • Ask the questions that generate more innovative solutions

  • Gain insight into why creativity diminishes and how to renew it

  • Bring a heightened creativity to all aspects of your life and relationships

"Brilliant! Nobody else could have made such a profound presentation in such a vibrant, animated, energetic way."
      Dr. Luis Alberto Machado
      Venezuela Minister for the Development of Intelligence
      Caracas, Venezuela

"A great speaker that gives everyone solid, innovative ideas to improve their businesses and at the same time gets every single person fired up and excited"
      Don Streiff, National Manager
      Bridgestone Firestone Tire, Nashville, TN, USA

"Randall Munson is an ideal speaker for any European or American audience the perfect blend of innovative business ideas delivered with high energy, motivation, amazing magic and tons of humour!"
      Renata Crome, Global Head
      Roche Pharmaceutical Products, Welwyn Garden City, UK

"Wonderful! Every corporate manager should see this presentation!"
      Executive, IBM, Rochester MN, USA

"Our delegates named Randall Munson the Best Speaker of the year and voted his "Success Through Creativity" presentation the Best Session of the Conference."
      Sharon Rampley, Conference Manager, Sidney, Australia

"Randall Munson's 1-hour presentation made the entire 2-day conference worthwhile!"
      Executive, RJR Nabisco, Raleigh NC, USA

"Randall Munson is the perfect fit for an important event because he connects with every person, from every country!"
      David Chalmers, Business Development Director
      Macro 4, West Sussex, United Kingdom

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