Randall Munson, The Humor Speaker, Presents
The Serious Business of Humor!
Let Laughter Energize You and Your Event

Studies show that a good belly laugh can have the same positive cardiovascular effects as a sustained aerobic workout. Humor relaxes people, reduces stress and conflicts, and opens inner doorways to enhanced creativity and problem solving. Funny as it may sound, humor is absolutely essential to the success of any organization.

Founder of "Laugh at Work Week," corporate executive, best-selling author, educator, comedy magician and ventriloquist Randall Munson delivers this underlying serious message in a presentation that's packed with hilarious stories and one-liners.

He invites listeners to loosen up and laugh, as they experience a shift in perspective on the importance of humor. Participants will come away enlivened and inspired, with usable ideas about how to incorporate humor into their lives and workplace.

Learn how to:

  • Rediscover the pure joy of vigorous laughter

  • Improve your health through humor

  • Use humor to manage stress

  • Disarm conflict with humor

  • Use humor as an effective leadership strategy

  • Improve creativity and productivity through humor

  • Discover and appreciate humor in the world around you

"It's not often we have a speaker who can create waves of laughter among our membership. I can guarantee people will be talking about your appearance for a long time to come."
      Marybeth C. Robb, Governor, American Chamber of Commerce,

"You brought humor to IBM!"
      Baron Stewart, Professional Development Manager, IBM

"AAA+ presentation. Two thumbs up!"
      Edward M. Mondini, Trans Union, Chicago IL, USA

"I have never heard any other speaker generate such an overwhelming positive reaction among an audience! I highly recommend Randall Munson to speak at any function requiring expertise and presentation excellence."
      Jan Borje, Association President, St. Louis MO, USA

"I laughed so hard my face hurt."
      Debra K. Philippi, Lockheed Martin, Sarasota, FL, USA

"We take care and pride in selecting top national speakers and you are one of our best choices."
      Tom Floyd, Senior Vice President of Marketing,
      IBM Credit Union, Rochester, MN, USA

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