Randall Munson Presents
How to Deliver a Great Presentation!
Make Your Presentations Clear and Compelling!

There is much more to a great presentation than simply talking about what you know.

Presenting technical information or complex concepts in a way that is easily understood and remembered is a difficult challenge. Randall Munson is a Certified Speaking Professional who has delivered award winning technical presentations to organizations around the world.

Former corporate executive, best selling author, educator, and entertainer Randall Munson uses real-life presentation examples, humor, and powerful images to illustrate the concepts that have propelled him to the top of technical presenters. Participants will take away a new understanding of the interrelated elements that compose an outstanding presentation, along with specific practical techniques they can immediately apply.

Industry-leading corporations depend on Randall to convey vital technical concepts and complicated product information to their top sales force and their largest customers across 6 continents.

The expert that was named one of the “World’s Greatest Business Mentors,” will show you the secrets to delivering a great presentation.


  • The single biggest mistake technical presenters make and how to avoid it

  • How to develop the best content for your presentation

  • The importance of structure and how to use it to help your audience learn

  • How to use visuals to communicate clearly and powerfully

  • The way to use handouts to reinforce your message without being redundant

  • The significant impact of the room environment and how to control it for your advantage

  • Where to stand and how to move to enhance your presentation

  • How to deal with the fear of speaking

  • Tips of the trade gleaned from the experience of professionals

  • How to take your presentations to a whole new level of quality and impact

"I think that only after some time has passed is it possible to give an opinion about a presentation and, after a few weeks of reflection, I think your program is PERFECT!"
      Roberto Missoli, Audiogamma S. P. A., Milan, Italy

"He did it! Randall took one of the most boring computer topics and taught it in a very interesting fashion. This information will stick because of his great delivery techniques. Thanks!"
      Bob Romanko, Professional technical educator, Baltimore, MD, USA

"An excellent way to communicate new ideas!"
      Christoph Marchewka, Area Sales Manager, France

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