Randall Munson Presents
The Magic of Selling!
How to Make Your Competition Disappear!

Whether you are selling products to major corporations, or selling your own organization on what you need, the requirement is the same. You must communicate business value to the decision makers in a clear, concise, and compelling way.

Having devoted decades to successfully providing improved technology to business, best-selling author, Randall Munson, has discovered the secrets to selling products and services. He shares his unique process to grasp, organize, and communicate complex and abstract products. He is the sales expert who Fortune 500 corporations and technology companies across six continents rely on to increase their sales.

That’s why industry-leading corporations, such as IBM, depend on Randall for their top sales force and their largest customers around the world. That's why Randall Munson has been named one of the world's greatest business mentors.

Wielding magic, visual props, memorable metaphors, and his ever-active sense of humor, Randall Munson reveals how to powerfully present your products and relate them directly to the needs of your prospects. Discover how to lock your product concepts into your customer's minds in a way they will never, ever forget.

Move your prospects from confusion to CONTRACT!

  • How to get more sales, faster sales, better sales
  • The 7 Secrets of Sales Success
  • The 3 Buying Modes: How to recognize the mode of your prospect and how to appeal to it
  • How to create desire for your product
  • What it is that drives higher sales than features, functions, and benefits
  • To slash through resistance
  • How to accelerate your sales process
  • What decision makers care about most
  • What makes your prospect willing to pay more money for your product or service
  • How to differentiate your product from the competition
  • To move your prospects from confusion to CONTRACT!


"If you want to increase your sales, we recommend hiring Randall Munson... Now we are closing sales we would have lost. We know you will be as delighted as we are with the tremendous return on your investment."
      Richard Schoen, President, RJS Software Systems, Burnsville, MN USA

"Excellent presenter who showed us how to grow our sales. Every sales person needs to learn this."
      Sheik Bilal, Al Rashid Group, The Kingdom of Bahrain

"The success of our sales meeting depended on an exceptional presentation and Randall Munson delivered an exceptional presentation!"
      Jeffrey F. Moore, Director of Sales, Fike Corp. Blue Springs MO, USA

"Now, our business channels are ready to sell our product!"
      Carlos Want, IBM Product Manager, Taipei, Taiwan

"Randall is the best. If the rating scale was 1 – 10, then Randall gets a 100."
     Alan Jay Zwiren, IBM, Americas Software, Costa Mesa, CA USA 

"Your breakthrough sales insights are right on target!"
      Nigel Stokes, CEO, DataMirror, Markham, Canada

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