Randall Munson Presents
Your Webinar SUCKS!
Make Your Webinars Powerful, Productive and Profitable!

Web-based seminars tend to be either sleep-inducing or utterly intimidating. Participants are typically bombarded with volumes of words, facts, and figures, leaving them overwhelmed, impressed with the presenter’s knowledge, and guilty because they couldn’t pay attention and don’t really understand it themselves.

Former corporate executive, best-selling author, educator, and entertainer, Randall Munson, is a Certified Speaking Professional who delivers award-winning presentations and webinars to organizations around the world.

Using real-life examples, humor, and powerful images Randall illustrates the concepts that have propelled him to the top of webinar experts. Participants will take away a new understanding of the interrelated elements that compose an outstanding webinar, along with specific practical techniques they can immediately apply.

Industry-leading corporations depend on Randall to convey vital technical concepts and complicated product information to their top sales force and their largest customers across 6 continents.

The expert that was named one of the “World’s Greatest Business Mentors,” will show you the secrets to delivering great webinars!


  • The single biggest mistake technical presenters make and how to avoid it

  • The 5 Phases of a successful webinar program - How to develop the best content for your webinar

  • How to build attendance

  • How to develop the best content

  • The importance of structure and how to use it to help your audience learn

  • How to use the best visuals to communicate clearly and powerfully

  • How to connect with attendees that can't see you and you can't see

  • Tools and techniques to keep the attention of the attendees focused on your program

  • How to use webainrs to glean vital market insights

  • Tips of the trade gleaned from the experience of professionals

  • Take your webinars to a whole new level of quality and impact

"A prescription for curing a sick web presentation. Excellent, clear explanations of the problem and the solution."
      Jack Williams, JP Morgan Chase
      Dublin, OH, USA

"Simply Brilliant!"
      Alfred Vassallo, Jos Vincenti & Co.

"If presentations or webinars are important to the success of your organization, hire Randall Munson to show you how to amplify their effectiveness and increase your sales!"
       John McKenny, Sr. Director of Marketing, BMC Software
      Houston TX, USA

"I've attended several of your sessions through the years. I am a fan of yours! I consider you a phenomenal speaker and I want you to deliver our web seminars."
      Raul Cristian Aguirre, CEO, Tango/04
      Barcelona, Spain

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