Randall Munson Recommends
A Great Remote Control
For Anyone Doing PowerPoint Presentations

Once Randall Munson tried it, he never stopped using this small remote control.

This is the smallest and most powerful wireless presentation tool available. It is the most easy to use PowerPoint remote control on the market today.

Randall has been using it in hundreds of locations all around the world and found that it always works great.

Even in large venues where the PC is located in the A/V control booth in the back of the auditorium, Randall has been able to control his presentation from the stage.

Here are some of the reasons Randall Munson recommends this powerful little remote control:

  • Advance slides from up to 150 ft away
  • No line of sight required - even works in your pocket
  • Plug and Play: No software to load
  • Works with any PC or Mac through USB or PS/2 port
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • Small, ergonomic design, half the size of a credit card
Randall Munson has found this remote control so helpful that he has been working with the folks at Honeywell to design the next generation of the remote.

Working with Honeywell we have made a special arrangement so you can get 10% off by using the promotional code: munson15


Just click on the picture of the remote control or go to http://www.powerremote.com. Enter the promotional code: munson15 and you will get 10 percent off the price.

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