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Your dynamic presentation was rated #1 out of over 1,000 sessions in our week long conference attended by over 4,500 professionals!
      Suzanna Grueser, COMMON International, Los Angeles CA, USA

Hands down the best professional business speaker and motivational specialist in the business. He always leaves me feeling empowered to change the world and feeling great about it.
      Chris Armstrong, United States Federal Reserve, Richmond VA, USA

Great, uplifting, and positive. We laughed!
      Steve Miller, Microsoft Business Solutions, Fargo, ND, USA

Randall, you are the very best speaker that I've ever seen. Congratulations!
      Luzia Sobrosa, Itec, São Paulo, Brazil
You were brilliant, once again!
Vanessa Grose,
Professional New Hire Network, IBM, Rochester MN, USA

I cannot thank you enough for the positive tone and high quality of your sensational presentation that enabled GIPAW to have its best conference ever.
      Joseph L. Wenninger, Annual Conference Chair, Sturgeon Bay WI, USA

Randall gave me a fresh idea of thinking and I had fun doing it!
      Byurg-Chul Hwasf, Pizza Hut, Korea

Thank you for your excellent presentation.
      Jenny Aulinger, Meeting Planner, IBM, Barcelona, Spain
No matter the country, no matter the language, Randall Munson communicates the truth of his brilliant insights.
Dr. Ramon Ferreiro,
Chairman, International Congress of Talent

Very interesting! I especially enjoyed the magic.
      Liliana Wong Alza, Colgate-Palmolive, Lima, Peru

Randall brought back the creativity in me.
      Evan Fry, American Family Insurance, Madison, WI, USA

Mr. Munson's presentation was the highlight of the conference. It is indeed a pleasure to recommend Randall Munson as a knowledgeable, professional speaker for any major event.
      William F. Beyer, Director,
      Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge LA, USA

When you want the very best keynote speaker for your event, get Randall Munson.
Faith O'Tool,
Education Coordinator, JUST-US, Chicago IL, USA

Through his creative energies, the attendees were inspired, motivated, energized, and intellectually stimulated. This was apparent by the standing ovation he received upon completion of his keynote. Randall was the high point of the conference.
      Cindy Mechura, Program Director, St. Louis MO, USA

Excellent. Innovative.
      Cynthia Jensen, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Your performance was captivating, inspiring, totally uplifting, and fun! You made a difference. I don't mind telling you that you made me look good!
      Janice L. Buscemi, Meeting Planner, IBM, Poughkeepsie NY, USA
We've never experienced a speaker with your international expertise and powerful delivery.
Andy Hafer,
Tampa Bay Technology Forum, Tampa FL, USA

Wonderful! Your speech was extremely well received. I warmly recommend it to others.
      Jacqueline van Eyndhove, Meeting Planner, Rome, Italy

Excellent! I now know how to create the business breakthrough company I want.
      Stephanie Shu, Marriott International, China

Thank you for your outstanding keynote ... one of the most inspiring sessions I've ever heard. You were the highest rated speaker of our conference.
      Allen Schmeltz, Department of Developmental Services,
      San Diego CA, USA

You made our event a success.
Anne Ferguson,
President, ASNA,
San Antonio TX, USA

A unique approach at getting, and holding, the attention of the audience.
      Jerome E. Sands, Manager, Blue Shield, Camp Hill PA, USA

Now we genuinely understand how powerful humor can be as a tool to achieve serious business objectives. You brought humor to IBM!
      Baron Stewart, IBM Global Services, Whittier, CA, USA

Excellent presentation. Great concepts and a lot of fun!!!! What a way to finish a great conference.
      COMMON Australia/Asia, Melbourne, Australia
Rare to have a speaker anywhere who so dramatically and so immediately improves what he's set out to talk about.
Marybeth Robb,
Governor, American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore

Riveting. It was perfect!
      Rajita Ranerjee, Johnson Diversity, Inc., USA

Your humour session has worked wonders.
      Jo McNeil, Whirlpool Australia Pty Limited, Australia

You changed my outlook on life!
      Ewa Maria Zdrojewska, Kancelaria Prawna, Poland
You were the key to the success of our National Conference.
Lori Campbell,
Conference Coordinator, Udenberg & Associates, Inc., Rochester MN, USA

Energetic, inspiring, enthusiastic, excellent.
      Kandy Fazio, Tree of Life, Inc., USA

I laughed so hard my face hurt!
      Debra Philippi, Lockheed Martin, Sarasota, FL, USA

He knew his audience. Impactful, entertaining.
      Malu Barmos, Sydney Showground, Australia
There are only a few speakers in the world that can create this kind of excitement.
Phila Anne Tan,
TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd, Manager Exhibitions / Events, Thailand

This is the best opening session yet! Very funny, a great way to open the conference!! I never before viewed laughter and humor as powerful.
      Susan Degnes, Ye Olde Medicine Center, Park River ND, USA

I can guarantee people will be talking about your appearance for a long time to come.
      Marybeth C. Robb, Governor, American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore

Excellent! Randall has an uncommon way of communication.
      Norma Corea Torrez, UNAN, Managu, Nicaragua
A brilliant speaker that will impress, inform, stimulate and motivate the most demanding audiences.
Frank Marcus,
General Sales Manager,
E. & J. Gallo

The best presentation I have ever seen!
      Zhang Bei, Nokia Investment Co., China

An eye opener.
      Daren Wanca, Advantage Realty LLC, Antigo, WI, USA

You gave us an outstanding return on our investment in your program.
      Anne Ferguson, President, ASNA, USA
If you feature Randall Munson at your event, you will count it among the best decisions you ever made.
Bea Watkins,
Information Architect, Degussa-Hules Corporation, Theodore AL, USA

      Royce Green, Harley-Davidson

A must for organizations to break out of the routine. Excellent.
      John Fairfield, UNUM, Portland, ME, USA

You were phenomenal! You connected with every one of the executives.
      Andy Hafer, Executive Director, Tampa Bay Technology Forum, FL, USA
You brilliantly inspired us how to express the genius of creativity and innovation.
Jose Rodriguez,
President, Sonora University, Mexico

Energetic. Randall taught me failure is not so bad.
      Marcia Rackley, Capital Electric, MO, USA

Randall was fascinating and excellent.
      Kamala Naidu, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, UK

Creative and inspiring. Randall stirred up my brain cells.
      Louis Allen, CIM Magazine, Australia
Your ideas improve teamwork, productivity, and customer service.
Baron Stewart,
Professional Development Manager, IBM Global Service, Glendale CA, USA

This presentation is critical for improving the sales!
      Jure Gorjanc, LESTRA, Slovenia

Informative, excellent, entertaining, and most importantly humorous.
      Wes Belt, The Mosaic Company, Tampa, FL, USA

Great practical tips on how to do a presentation.
      Lars Johansson, IBM, NY, USA
Using your strategies, RCTC has experienced double-digit enrollment increases, new program development, and improved satisfaction survey results.
Don Supalla,
President, Rochester Community & Technical College,
Rochester MN, USA

Randall was full of energy.
      Michele Hardy, Dillards, AR, USA

Excellent motivator.
      Mar Ledesma, South Florida Workforce, FL, USA
Energetic, world-class speaker that hits a home run every time.
Beverly R. Russell,
President, COMMON, Chicago IL, USA

Valuable. Randall reveals the creativity in everyone.
      Johanes Chansa, United Nations/UNICEF, Indonesia

Randall shows us how to use creativity in unexpected ways.
      Michael Kalmbach, IBM, MN, USA
Energetic, enlightening and enthusiastic expert.
Robert Rosen,
President, SHARE, Chicago IL, USA

Iím already more creative after listening to Randall.
      Kerry Park, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Korea

Riveting! Exciting! Attitude changing!
      Larry Whitley, Regency Thermographers, GA, USA
An exceptional speaker who has inspired and guided businesses all over the world, we highly recommend Randall Munson.
Larry Williams,
President, GUIDE International, Chicago IL, USA

Inspirational. Excellent. Randall has an ability to make you feel good about yourself.
      Kurt Zirbel, Mason City IA, USA

Refreshing, invigorating and fun.
      Diane Mitchell, IBM, Rochester MN, USA
Outstanding presentation at Walt Disney World.
Lorraine J. Rieff,
National Association of Independent Insurers,
Chicago IL, USA

Fantastic! The best thing I have ever seen.
      Mark Wilson, CSF Group, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Randall has changed my way of thinking.
      Tommy Mitchell, ACS-Inc., Atlanta GA, USA
I highly recommend Randall Munson, a true world-class speaker.
Susan Smith,
Executive Director, The EDGE User Group, Chicago IL, USA

Wonderful and inspiring. Excellent.
      Margaret Lehn, The Boeing Co., Seattle WA, USA

Randall has changed my way of thinking.
      Tommy Mitchell, ACS-Inc., Atlanta GA, USA
If you want a successful conference, get Randall Munson.
Jeff Neubauer,
Taylor Corporation, North Mankato MN, USA

This kind of presentation is critical for improving the sales!
      Jure Gorjanc, LESTRA d.o.o., Slovenia

Randall Munsonís presentation was more than a hit Ė it was a grand slam home run.
      Frank Marcus, General Sales Manager, E. & J. Gallo Winery, Bellevue WA, USA
He changed the way we think.
Michael Heneghan,
Vice President, DPS, Indianapolis IN, USA

I'm glad you stopped when you did - I was on the verge of hysteria!
      Ann P. Groner, Nykredit Data, Denmark

Absolutely Superb! Fantastic!
      Ron Zahrt, Williams Realty Inc., Wausau WI USA
An innovative thinker with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
Becky Fix,
Sales and Marketing Executives of Fargo-Moorhead, Fargo ND, USA

Very funny and impressive. Thank you.
      Sarah Lee, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Korea

I have seen lots of great speakers but Iíve never seen any speaker present information like this so artfully!
      Dianne Moser, Bast Tire & Auto, Canada
Each presentation showed us the right tool of CREATIVITY.
Robert M. Taranto,
Manager, Distributed Systems, IBM North America,
Sterling Forest NY, USA

Randall Munson rocks!
      Evelyn Hubbert, Forrester Research, USA

You are a genius!
      James Kandrac, President, United Computer Group, USA
You were exactly what we were looking for.
Floyd Wilson,
Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategic Planning, MDU Resources, Bismarck ND, USA

The Keynote address "Success through Creativity" was brilliantly delivered by Randall Munson.
      Nawaiwaqt Group of Newspapers, Pakistan

      Harvey L. Pullen, HL Pullen and Associates, USA
Extremely effective speaker!
Sherre Sattler,
CPE Director, ND Society of CPA's, Grand Forks ND, USA

Excellent presentation -- this one-hour program was more effective than the one-day seminar I attended recently on creative thinking.
      GUIDE International Conference, Chicago IL, USA

Randall's unique approach to learning and his dynamic presentation kept the audience involved and captivated for the entire two-hour session. His energy and enthusiasm will stay with you long after the session is over.
      Mary Miller, President, QUSER, Minneapolis MN, USA
Rave reviews for creativity, useful information, quality of presentation, horizon expanding point of view and a plain old good time.
Stephen Rosen,
VP of Marketing, EXTOL, Franklin Lakes NJ, USA

You are a powerful imaginative speaker that will have an impact on my customers. An extraordinary speaker.
      IBM Marketing Manager, Beijing, China

Randall Munson's presentation was the highlight of the conference. If it had been the only session it would have been worth the conference fee.
      Ellen Jenkins, The Capitol Group, Brea CA, USA
Randall Munson has the ability to impact your organization, bring heightened creativity to every aspect of your life.
Char Franklin,
Manager, US Department of Energy, Watertown SD, USA

I was so impressed with Randall Munson's performances in Europe that I invited him to address our international conference along with the Israeli Foreign Minister. Delegates from all over the world participated in this event. Randall delivered outstanding presentations, once again!
      Amiram Shore, Conference Chairman, IPA, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Excellent! It will make me a creative person for a better business.
      Chany Jaettyuck, Oracle, Korea
The master of creativity... his audience participation has everyone on the edge of their seats.
Ruth Picker,
Professor, Crossroads College, Rochester MN, USA

There are only a few speakers in the world that can create this kind of excitement. Wonderful!
      Captain S. Rajan, President & CEO, Air Safety Equipment, USA

You helped me change my way of thinking.
      Almo Rosa Salcedo Chavez, MEIPE, Mexico
Exceptional educational and entertaining session.
Carmine DiLorenzo,
Account Manager, IBM, Poughkeepsie NY, USA

Profound and interesting.
      Maria Ninez, British American School, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Magically magnificent!
      Yoshikazn Shiraishi, Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Japan
Your presentations were brilliant.
Gunnar Öhrn,
President, Data 3, Sweden

Simply Brilliant!
      Alfred Vassallo, Jos Vincenti & Co., Malta

AWESOME! I want to be just like Randall when I grow up! Everyone should hire Randall, he rocks.
      Callie Brown, ASNA, TX, USA
Most versatile, refreshing, and reliable speaker I have ever booked.
Tom McCulloch,
VP - Marketing & Conference Services, metroConnections, Minneapolis MN, USA

      Patrick Whitney, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Good informative fun.
      Dion Le Roux, Soultion Technologies Ltd., South Africa
His message resonated with every attendee.
Sandra Barr,
Director, US Conferences, EDGE User Group,
Chicago IL, USA

Outstanding! Randall illustrated just how easy creativity can be.
      Ryan King, Wagner Smith Equipment, IN, USA

      Guido van Voorst, Transcontinenta B.V., The Netherlands
He makes you think about things from a different perspective... laughing all the way.
Darlyne Erickson,
Education/Conference Coordinator, Midwest Society of Association Executives,
St. Paul MN, USA

He showed us not only have fun but make the impossible possible.
      Gulru Ozmen, Begdili Elektronik Cihezlar Ltd., Sti., Turkey

A+ presentation.
      Beverly Johnson, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore MD, USA
Energetic and entertaining.
Jerry M. Bauer,
President, Bauer Built, Inc., Durand WI, USA

Excellent, funny, and learnable. Great entertainer.
      Carsten Johanse, PBS A/S, Denmark

Outstanding presentation! Randall was entertaining, fun, and put selling into its proper perspective.
      Jim Kandrac, United Computer Group, Inc., Brecksville OH, USA
We are now getting sales we used to miss.
Bryant Andrews,
President, ICS,
Glastonbury CT, USA

Excellent, and very funny. Randall was GREAT.
      Debbie Fowler, Fargo ND, USA

Nobody else could have made such a profound presentation in such a vibrant, animated, energetic way.
      Dr. Luis Alberto Machado, Venezuela Minister for the Development of Intelligence, Caracas, Venezuela
If you are looking for a sales expert that can help you actually increase your sales, Randall Munson is the person you want.
Sam Webster,
Senior Director, Sales Americas, DataMirror, Canada


If you want to increase your sales, we recommend hiring Randall Munson.
      Richard Schoen, President, RJS Software Systems

We had an extremely high rate of sales for our technology. He exceeded everyone's high expectations.
      Alan Jay Zwiren, Vice President, Marketing, Magic Software Enterprises Inc.

His creative presentation was the highlight of our conference.
Judy Neathery,
Meetings Supervisor, Texas Society of CPAs, Dallas TX, USA

Anyone who doesn't use Randall Munson's sales program does so at his own risk.
      Bryant Andrews, President, Integrated Custom Software

Please have Randall back. He was inspirational and revolutionary!
      Catlin Comsia, IBM, Seattle WA, USA
We take pride in selecting top national speakers and you are one of our best choices.
Tom Floyd,
Senior VP of Marketing, IBM Credit Union, Rochester MN, USA


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