Randall Munson
Why Randall?

More than 90% of Randall Munsonís business comes from repeat engagements or the recommendation of delighted clients.

Some speakers are talented entertainers or best-selling authors, others have solid corporate or technological credentials, but very few like Randall Munson combine it all.

Randall is not just an executive who throws a few magic tricks into his speech to try to make it interesting. Randall is not just a magician who throws a few business ideas into his show to try to make it appeal to corporations. Randall Munson is an expert who speaks professionally, skillfully melding together a deep understanding of today's issues and a captivating performance.

His high-content messages stem from a rock-solid foundation as an IBM Program Manager. For 20 years, he led research and development projects with management, programming, architecture, education, and marketing responsibilities. Simultaneously, he performed professionally as a magician, emcee, ventriloquist, and clown. His two paths have now merged, with presentations that have real substance as well as captivating style.

Randall takes a customized approach to your presentation, integrating his message into the overall flow of your meeting.

Randall can also help you introduce complex, new concepts to both customers and the people within your business, with a customized presentation that's clear, entertaining, and engaging.

In our swiftly evolving global business landscape, people need understanding and skills in order to adapt and contribute. They need every ounce of creativity, humor, and flexibility they can muster to cope with changing roles, expectations, and cross-cultural challenges. An internationally acclaimed speaker and entertainer, Randall empowers people with the realization that they can succeed and gives them the capabilities to excel.

Randall delivers a unique combination of ingredients that other speakers can't:

  • Solid content

  • Real-life business perspective

  • Professional quality entertainment

  • An engaging, natural presence

That's why organizations and Fortune 500 clients, spread across six continents, have resonated to the power of Randall's messages.

That's why Randall was inducted into the Minnesota Speakers Hall of Fame.

Whether he's speaking in Paris, Beijing, São Paulo, or Tokyo, Randall's warmth and humanity require no translation at all.

Contact Randall now for further details of his highly original programs, to request a promotional kit, or to book Randall Munson for your most important events.